Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pilotwings Resort

It's not even out yet and it's already port-time for the 3DS. WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING if you had that in mind. No. Most certainly not, good sir. Why? Because it's freaking Pilotwings! Say it with me! PI-LOT-WINGS! Resort.

Pilotwings Resort

I can't tell how many hours of my life I wasted on that N64 classic. That didn't sound right. I spen- no. I put those hours to good use. Yes. Much better.

Free like a bird - at 48 miles per hour!
Pilotwings - now with 100% more jetpack.
I'm so excited. Finally I can get my revenge on that flame I had to take pictures of but constantly flew through it. Or maybe I should pay a visit to Mt. Rushmore once again. I bet it's in the game. It must be. 
Pilotwings Resort will be available at launch of the Nintendo 3DS console.

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