Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper Mario 3D


Paper Mario 3D

That's my favorite Italian plumber! The often underestimated Paper Mario series celebrates its debut on the Nintendo 3DS. Paper Mario 3D is a fully-fledged RPG with a turn-based and button-timed combat system, very funny dialogue and a lenghty story mode.

Taking 2D to the third dimension.
Paper Mario mixes the joy of 2D platforming and party- and item systems with experience points of your oh so loved RPGs. Basically, it's jumping, collecting coins to buy new items, defeating enemies, earning XP and leveling up to strengthen your stomping power.

Just by looking at this picture, I instantly want to play this game.
Paper Mario 3D has yet to receive a definite release date.

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  1. this is beautiful. the paper mario series is great.